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About me

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My name is Łukasz Bartnicki. I’m database administrator from Poland.
On daily basis I’m working mainly with Oracle Database but also PostgreSQL and many things around that technologies.
If you want to contact me, feel free to communicate by Linkedin.

Łukasz Bartnicki - Linkedin

Why I created this site? What is aim of it?

Good administrator or DevOps has to got his personal notes. It is very important especially in database world where some procedures can be long and hard to remember - creating such site will help me to order my notes and give me possibility to be more effective at my work.

Since I already making some notes, why not make they public? Maybe it will help someone at Admin/DevOps work.

Objective is simple. Content created here will be essence of knowledge taken from documentation of IT software, other internet sources and my home lab. There will be no unnecessary theory but focus on solving practical problems.

Feel free to share links from this site.